Tracked Progress Reports

Personalised reports using our advanced Inbody tracker to help your employees to monitor their progress to inspire healthier lifestyles

Staff Health Checks

We provide your team with body MOTs and health checks within your offices, talk through the results and answer your questions around fitness, wellbeing and nutrition

Doggy Therapy

Lower anxiety and relax by release of serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin that comes with pet therapy in the office


Health & Wellness Fairs

We have teamed up with various providers, health clubs, and nutrition companies to provide a market like experience in your office space, with plenty of samples and giveaways

Team Fitness Classes

We provide a range of different fitness classes to energise and help team building, from core fitness and Pilates to intense boot camp sessions

Office Activities

Enjoy games and friendly cross departmental challenges ranging from Poolball (giant inflatable football) and giant darts to white collar boxing events arranged in your offices


Team Health Educational Workshops

Empower and engage your employees with a variety of workshops including nutrition, wellbeing, fitness and social enlightenment

Office Meditation

Reduce employee stress whilst enhancing innovation and productivity with our office meditation experts

Office Massage

Relieve tension, boost morale, improve productivity and reduce stress with our on site massage service

Charity Events

We specialise in organising these events bringing charities and businesses together to get your whole team involved in exciting fundraising activities for causes that you care about



Charity Events

We host various charity events, and can even get involved in your company fundraising challenges. We’ve hosted everything from office runs, to charity boxing galas.

Networking Events

We have teamed up with a number of companies to create value packed networking events. These include educational workshops, to pop up bar experiences.

Team Building Events

Whether you want to engage your team in a friendly five a side, to a corporate retreat abroad, our teams will cater to your needs. Show your team how much you care, we add that personal touch.


Exclusive VIP Events

We have members only events that are held across secret locations around London. If you want to have an excuse to jump onto the red carpet at an A-list event, get in touch

Corporate Themed Events

How competitive is your company? Fancy a friendly fun filled challenge between departments? We can facilitate these activities in or out of the office.


Smoothie Bars

Forget about Pizza Fridays in the office, and add more excitement to Fruit Tuesdays, get in touch to have pop up smoothie bars in your offices.

Team Building Drinks

How often do you turn down drinks because you prefer cocktails to beer? Team drinks has never been easier, we bring the choice to you.

Themed Events

Add style and glamour to your office drinks. We have a team of live DJ’s, photographers and themed props to adapt to everything from the 70’s music, to the classical black tie ballads, make an event to remember.

Bespoke Drinks

We have teamed up with various partners, to create exclusive cocktails, ranging from vegan based products, to non alcoholic. We have a wonderful range to choose from.

Entertainment Packages

Who says you can’t have a magician in the office? We work with a range of entertainers, burlesque dancers to office games to create an all round experience.



Health & Fitness Retreats

Stepping away from your everyday life to relax and feel restored is no longer seen as an indulgence. Rather, it has become a necessary safety valve in our fast-paced world. Handing yourself over to be tended to by a range of experts is the absolute pleasure you’ve been waiting for.


Team Health Educational Workshops

Empower and engage your teams with a variety of workshops including nutrition, wellbeing, fitness and social enlightenment. We cover these across various locations, and can even run bespoke content in your offices.

Transformation Programs

We organise a range of transformation programs, usually over 10 weeks.Our objective is to create a lifelong learning experience, covering nutrition, mindfulness, social and physical training. We have numerous success stories, and continuing to transform lives.

Office Fitness Classes

All you need is a free room (or space that can be easily cleared) in your workplace and some colleagues that want to join in. The office fitness classes can be held during a lunch break, before or after work. Enjoy yoga, HIIT, meditation and even breathing classes.

Charity Fitness Challenges

We specialise in organising these events bringing charities and businesses together to get your whole team involved in exciting fundraising activities for causes that you care about

design & productions


Logo & Branding Designs

Our logo designers generate a variety of options based on your style and preferences. You can then choose the ideal logo to represent your company’s personality and brand. The end result is a design that is adaptable, powerful, and perfectly matches your company’s branding strategy.

Corporate Explainer Videos

Our talented team of designers have years of experience in captivating your audience’s interest in under two minutes. Our videos stand out from the rest, with Motion Design, Isometric, 2D and real footage. Get in touch with a member of our team, and we’ll create a bespoke package for you.

Poster & Marketing Design

Stand out for the right reasons with our outstanding designs. Creating the right impression is paramount to your promotion’s success. Our team of graphic designers are highly experienced in designing not only for conventional print, but also large-format promotional materials such as outsize posters and banners and press advertisements.

Animated Logo In(Out)tros

These can be adapted to platforms of your choice. We get your static logo and add in animated elements, bringing it to life in an engaging way. We also add in sound effects and subtle music to which makes it a more dynamic way to start or end of your video.

Short Animation Videos

Why not create a timeless animation for a loved one? With our affordable packages, our team can design the ultimate gift, thinking outside the box with a memory to last a lifetime.

We love to create and collaborate in this world of possibilities! Get in touch with us to explore more ideas and opportunities!

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