Create harmony between strength, body & mind and athletic training.

Have you ever wondered which exercise would be the most beneficial to you? 

Perhaps you have tried yoga, but feels a bit too slow for you, or in your circle everyone is talking about high intensity training, but you don’t believe that being wiped out is the way to go. We are all surrounded by so many different concepts, opinions and confusing information that it is hard to decide what is the right exercise for us.
That’s the reason why we put together a series of events, so the best fitness professionals can show you how to create harmony between strength, body&mind and athletic training no matter what level are you at the moment.
In our team we have fitness managers, international presenters, former professional athletes, personal trainers, nutritionists and we constantly consult with medical doctors and other rehabilitation specialists. Did we miss someone?
Wellfinity UK - deepWORK Ibiza

We appreciate your trust in us, and if you are ready to join us, please feel free to download our sample bodyweight training plan below. It has been designed by a European Championship silver medallist judo athlete, so we are sure that you are going to have some fun with it. Enjoy.

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